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How Your Decor Reflects Your Personality

August 25, 2015 1:52 pm Published by Comments Off on How Your Decor Reflects Your Personality

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One of the strongest home décor trends is creating a space that is meaningful to the homeowners and their families. People want their custom new home to look nice and may turn to magazines and catalogs for ideas, but interior spaces these days are overflowing with individual personality.

Here are some tips to let your décor tell your own personal story:

• Display your heirlooms and vacation tchotchkes. Don’t hide these interesting items in closets and boxes. Put them out where they can be seen and talked about. People have wonderful stories to share and these items can be great conversation-starters.


• Mix up styles and eras. If you love sleek, new things as much as your great-grandmother’s vintage items, that’s fine. Get them all out on display—it’s okay to mix and match styles. Just tie the design together with one cohesive element, such as a color or theme.

• Say it with color and texture. Add your personality to rooms with colors and textures. Carry the same color through a variety of textures or go bold with some splashes of vibrant color. Consider matching the color of cabinets or walls to a piece of furniture, an appliance, or a knickknack you love.

• Personalize your fixtures. Light fixtures, faucets, even cabinets can all be personalized to reflect you and your preferences. Custom Home Builders in MN can help you with this.


• Have fun. Use shadow boxes to display collections of small items, such as concert tickets. Frame your grandparents’ old love letters and hang them in the guest room. Look to your ancestry for symbols and patterns to make your home uniquely your own.

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