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Cool Underground Attractions

July 29, 2015 2:06 pm Published by Comments Off on Cool Underground Attractions

It’s no surprise that summers in Minnesota can be hot – so what the best thing to do when we can’t beat the heat?  Why not head underground?!

According to Midwest Living, the Midwest claims some of the world’s longest cave systems, along with reclaimed mines and other underground adventures.  Here are a few pics for cool attractions in Minnesota:

Lake Vermillion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park
Visitors travel by mineshaft cage a half-mile into the earth then take a tram through breezy, dark tunnels to learn about how iron ore was mined here from 1882 to 1962. Science buffs can choose an alternate or additional 90-minute tour that explains the University of Minnesota’s High Energy Physics Lab—also half a mile underground—and hear about an international effort to study dark matter.

Mystery Cave at Forestville State Park
Discovered in 1937, Mystery Cave is the longest cave in Minnesota – spanning over 13 miles underground. It is a network of passages that was dissolved by moving water.

On the tours, you will travel the subterranean paths this water has taken, seeing many of the features that make up Mystery Cave including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, fossils, and beautiful underground pools. Parks naturalists lead your tour through various portions of the cave and explain its history, its features, and how it was formed.

Hill Annex Mine
The demand for iron to make steam engines, locomotives, and ships spurred the growth of the iron industry. The Hill Annex Mine produced over 64 million tons of the iron ore used to make the steel.  They offer 2 tour options, the Fossil Hunter Tour and the Historic Mine Tour.

In 1988, Hill Annex Mine became a Minnesota State Park.

Do you know of another cool underground attraction in Minnesota?  Let us know on our Facebook page!

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